How to Draw a Christmas Tree


Welcome to our step-by-step drawing tutorial! Today, we are going to learn how to draw a Christmas tree today!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, Christmas trees are a really old and fascinating tradition to learn about! Germany is credited with starting the tradition of bringing an evergreen tree inside during December to recreate the feeling of twinkling stars among evergreen trees outside. This dates back to the 16th century! However, Christmas trees didn’t become widely popular in some areas until the 1850’s.

Now, Christmas trees are in so many windows around the world during the holiday season! With their twinkling lights, deep green color, and festive ornaments, they can make any room cozy and nice. Many people top their tree with a star, like in this tutorial, or an angel, and even use strings of popcorn around the tree!

So, grab some drawing supplies, and let’s get started! Happy drawing!

How to Draw a Christmas Tree — Let’s get started!

Preview of christmas tree drawing
Preview of christmas tree drawing


  • a piece of paper
  • a pencil for the guiding lines and sketching
  • an eraser
  • a black sharpie or a pen for the outlines
  • markers or colored pencils for coloring
  • our printable drawing guide (Join my Email List below to get this Tutorial)

Here are my RECOMMENDED Art Supplies!

  • Crayola Coloring Set (140 Pieces – Mega Value!)
  • 24 Colored Crayon Set
  • A4 Printer Paper
  • Crayola Coloring Pencils
  • HP Home Printer with Instant Ink!

Time needed:

15 minutes.

Step 1 – Draw a star.

Different people put different tops on their trees such as angels and stars. Sometimes, if you get too tall of a tree, it can be a challenge to put them on the very top!

For our tree, we will draw a star on the top.

So, near the top of the page, draw a small five-pointed star! It should be centered horizontally on the page. There should be plenty of room below for the rest of the tree.

Step 2 – Draw the top of the tree.

We’re going to draw the top of the tree first, and work our way down in each step. Centered below the star, draw a triangle shape. Refer to the photo!

Step 3 – Add more to the tree.

Christmas trees are evergreens, and have a triangular silhouette.

To show this, add another wider shape below the shape in Step 2. It should be a trapezoid.

Step 4 – Add (more) to the tree!

Let’s continue drawing the tree to make it taller!

Similar to Step 3, add another trapezoid shape below the last one. It should be even wider and larger.

Step 5 – Make the tree even bigger!

Lastly, let’s add one last trapezoid to make the tree wider! Now we have the full shape of the tree.

Step 6 – Draw the trunk of the tree.

While some Christmas trees are artificial, many people actually go out and cut down their own trees for the holiday season! Christmas trees have to have trunks so they can still absorb water throughout a few weeks.

Let’s add a trunk to our tree now. Below the tree, draw a rectangle to show the trunk. It should be in the center.

Step 7 –   Add some ornaments to the tree!

Ornaments and lights are, in part, what make Christmas trees so unique and beautiful. Popular ornaments include glass bulbs, fake snowflakes, candy canes, and homemade crafts.

So, of course our tree needs ornaments and lights too! Draw three small circles scattered throughout the two top sections of the tree. Make them slightly different sizes for visual variety.

Step 8 – Add the rest of the ornaments and lights!

Repeat Step 7 for this step. This time, add six more circles to the bottom half of the tree. Draw the circles a little bit bigger than the ones in Step 7.

We’re nearly done with the detail on the tree—good job!

Step 9 – Draw the light strands!

Christmas trees also have strands of lights all over! We need to make our tree look like it has strands of lights.

Draw short lines connecting all of the circles that are in the same trapezoid section of the tree. Draw them so they look like they are zigzagging! Refer to the photo. It should appear as if they are wrapping around the tree.

Step 10 –  Color in your creation!

Last but not least, color in your artwork! Have fun with it. Some people use multi-colored lights on the tree while others just use white lights. Grab some cozy and warm colors and fill in the rest of the drawing!

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Preview of step by step christmas tree tutorial
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All done? Great job! We hope you had fun and learned a little bit about Christmas trees in this drawing tutorial! Share it with your friends and family. You could even give it as a Christmas gift, or make your drawing come to life this holiday season.

Is there another holiday-themed drawing tutorial you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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