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Hi! You’ve found our easy 10-step tutorial on how to draw a kangaroo.

Kangaroos are fascinating animals. There are dozens of types of kangaroos, but they can only naturally be found in Australia, alongside koalas, wombats, snakes, and more. They can also be found in Papua New Guinea, which is just north of Australia. Something fascinating about kangaroos is that they can’t move backward at all! However, they can famously hop very well. Some even hop up to 25 feet! Interestingly, kangaroos also use their tails as a fifth leg to help them move. Kangaroos are also marsupials, which means that they carry young kangaroos in a pouch.

We will learn a little bit more about kangaroos as we go through this fun 10-step tutorial on how to draw a kangaroo. Keep reading for Step 1!

How to Draw a kangaroo — Let’s get started!

Preview of kangaroo drawing


  • a piece of paper
  • a pencil for the guiding lines and sketching
  • an eraser
  • a black sharpie or a pen for the outlines
  • markers or colored pencils for coloring
  • our printable drawing guide (Join my Email List below to get this Tutorial)

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Time needed:

15 minutes.

Step 1 – Draw the kangaroo’s head. 

How to Draw a kangaroo - Step 1 – Draw the kangaroo's head. 

Draw a large circle about two-thirds of the way up the page. However, make the lower half of the circle just a bit wider to represent the kangaroo’s cheeks. This is the kangaroo’s head! Leave plenty of space below it.

Step 2 – Add the ears!

How to Draw a kangaroo - Step 2 – Add the ears!

Let’s draw the kangaroo’s ears now. Kangaroos have quite good hearing, partially because their ears move independently of each other. For this step, draw two ears on either side of the head. They should be similar to a leaf shape. Next, add a line in each ear to add some definition. Refer to the photo.

Step 3 – Draw the kangaroo’s face!

How to Draw a kangaroo - Step 3 – Draw the kangaroo's face!

Let’s draw a face on our kangaroo! Draw two small dots in the middle of the head for the eyes. Eyesight is important for a kangaroo’s survival. Centered underneath the eyes, draw an upside-down triangle.

We want to make our kangaroo happy, so draw two small curves underneath the nose for the mouth. Did you know that kangaroos are herbivores, meaning they only eat plants?

Step 4 – Add the body of the kangaroo.

How to Draw a kangaroo - Step 4 – Add the body of the kangaroo.

Underneath the head, start drawing the body of the kangaroo! To do this, simply draw two diagonal lines extending outward from the head. We will finish drawing the body in the next few steps.

Good job!

Step 5 – Add the legs.

How to Draw a kangaroo - Step 5 – Add the legs.

Our kangaroo has to have legs because it has to be able to hop! This ability is partially what makes kangaroos so unique.

Draw two large curves for the hind legs. At the bottom of each, draw long and flat feet. Check out the photo if you need help.

Step 6 — Finish the shape of the body.

How to Draw a kangaroo - Step 6 — Finish the shape of the body.

This is a quick and easy step. Simply draw a line for the belly. This should connect the hind legs.

Step 7 – Draw the kangaroo’s arms.

How to Draw a kangaroo - Step 7 – Draw the kangaroo's arms.

Let’s add the kangaroo’s arms now. Just below the head, draw two U-shaped curves that slant downward and inward. Refer to the photo!

Step 8 – Add the kangaroo’s pouch!

How to Draw a kangaroo - Step 8 – Add the kangaroo's pouch!

One of the most distinct parts of a kangaroo is the pouch! This is where they carry their young. Only marsupials have pouches.

To form the pouch, draw a large semi-circle in the middle of the kangaroo’s belly.

Step 9 – Draw the kangaroo’s tail!

How to Draw a kangaroo - Step 9 – Draw the kangaroo's tail!

Lastly, let’s add the kangaroo’s tail. As mentioned above, kangaroos sometimes use their tails to help them move. They actually have muscles in their tails.

To form the tail, draw two lines that form into a point extending out from the right side of the body.

Step 10 – Color in your kangaroo!

How to Draw a kangaroo - Step 10 – Color in your kangaroo!

Finally, color in your drawing! Kangaroos can be different colors as there are many varieties. However, have fun with your drawing and use any colors you want. Make sure to color in the whole page! Have fun with it.

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All done? Awesome job! Give your kangaroo a name!

We hope you had fun following this tutorial and learned some interesting facts about kangaroos. If you want more animal-themed tutorials, we have many more on so just browse and find another one! There are lion, bear, elephant, tiger, and more tutorials to choose from.

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