How to Draw a Snake


Welcome to another fun and simple tutorial! Today, we are going to learn how to draw a snake! Let’s learn about these slithery creatures before getting into this tutorial.

Snakes are fascinating animals. They can be found all over the world, from forests to deserts, and even in water! They are very adaptable animals. They have long lifespans, too, with some snakes living up to 30 years old! Have you ever seen one in person?

Although many people find them scary, they aren’t all bad! In fact, most snake species are not venomous and pose no threat to humans. They are often more afraid of us than we are of them and have some really beautiful qualities to them. Many people and organizations work to protect and conserve snake species, recognizing their importance in maintaining the balance of ecosystems.

Let’s move onto today’s tutorial. Grab some drawing supplies and keep reading for Step 1!

How to Draw a Snake — Let’s get started!

Preview of Snake drawing


  • a piece of paper
  • a pencil for the guiding lines and sketching
  • an eraser
  • a black sharpie or a pen for the outlines
  • markers or colored pencils for coloring
  • our printable drawing guide (Join my Email List below to get this Tutorial)

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Here are my RECOMMENDED Art Supplies!

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Time needed:

15 minutes.

Step 1 – Draw the head.

How to Draw a Snake - Step 1 – Draw the head.

Let’s get started with the head, like we do with most of our animal tutorials. Centered near the top of the page, draw a circle that is slightly wider at the bottom. Leave the circle incomplete at the bottom because that’s where we are going to continue the body.

Step 2 – Draw the face!

How to Draw a Snake - Step 2 – Draw the face!

Let’s add a face to the snake. Draw two dots for the eyes. Centered below the eyes, draw a short scalloped line. These are the nostrils. Good job!

Step 3 – Add the snake’s tongue.

How to Draw a Snake - Step 3 – Add the snake’s tongue.

Snakes have an incredible sense of smell. They can “taste” the air with their tongues to detect scents, and their sense of smell helps them locate food and communicate. Their tongues are one of their more unique qualities. Let’s add one now.

At the bottom of the nostrils, draw two lines close together that curve slightly outward. Connect them with two more lines that go inward into a point. Check out the photo!

Step 4 – Start drawing the body.

How to Draw a Snake - Step 4 – Start drawing the body.

Snakes move in fascinating ways. While some slither on the ground, others can climb trees or even glide from tree to tree. The next few steps are going to be drawing the long body of the snake. One of the longest snakes ever recorded was over 32 feet long!

To get started with the body, draw one line that is a few inches long on the right side of the snake.

Step 5 – Continue drawing the body.

How to Draw a Snake - Step 5 – Continue drawing the body.

Our snake is going to be ‘standing up’ with its body coiled beneath it. On the left side, draw a line that turns into a big curl. It should go to the right and back up to meet the line you drew in the last step.

Step 6 – Continue drawing the body.

How to Draw a Snake - Step 6 – Continue drawing the body.

Let’s add to the coiled tail. Underneath the curl you just drew, draw another one a few inches below. It should be slightly wider than the one above it. Check out the photo!

Step 7 – Draw the tail.

How to Draw a Snake - Step 7 – Draw the tail.

We are almost done with the snake’s body. Draw a small curved line going downwards at the bottom left of the snake. This is the end of the tail.

Step 8 – Finish drawing the tail.

How to Draw a Snake - Step 8 – Finish drawing the tail.

For this step, simply add the other side of the tail so that it ends in a point. Now, the overall shape of the snake is complete. Great job!

Step 9 – Add a pattern to the skin!

How to Draw a Snake - Step 9 – Add a pattern to the skin!

Snakes shed their skin as they grow. This is a fascinating process, and it allows them to keep their skin in good condition. Of course, snakes have all different kinds of markings, just like turtles and other animals. We’re going to make our snake spotted!

Throughout the entire snake, add spots that are the same size. Put them around the edges of the snake and have them be cut off to make them look more realistic! Great job.

Step 10 – Color in your snake!

How to Draw a Snake - tep 10 – Color in your snake!

You’re almost done. It’s time to color! Snakes come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Some use their colors to blend in with their surroundings, making them masters of camouflage. Color in your snake drawing however you like. Fill in the rest of the page, too!

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Fantastic job! Did you enjoy this tutorial? We sure did! Thanks for following along. We hope you learned a little bit about snakes along the way.

For more tutorials, browse our site. We have it organized into categories, like food and animals. There are also people-themed tutorials such as a firefighter one. Until next time!


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