How to Draw Earth


Welcome to our super fun and simple drawing tutorial! In 10 quick steps, you are going to learn how to draw the home we all have in common: Planet Earth.

Before we get started, let’s learn a few quick fun facts about our planet. Did you know that Earth is not technically a perfect sphere? It’s more of an egg shape. And, did you know that it is about 4.54 billion years old? With that long of a life, there’s so much amazing history to learn about Earth.

We are going to draw the earth as we see it from space, with the oceans and seven continents. However, did you know that the continents were probably connected a very long time ago? There used to be one giant landmass! The vast oceans and lands of Earth are home to many diverse animals, from the tiny seahorse to the majestic lion.

Okay, enough talking—let’s get to drawing! Find your art materials and let’s go. Keep reading for step 1.

How to Draw earth — Let’s get started!

Preview of earth drawing


  • a piece of paper
  • a pencil for the guiding lines and sketching
  • an eraser
  • a black sharpie or a pen for the outlines
  • markers or colored pencils for coloring
  • our printable drawing guide (Join my Email List below to get this Tutorial)

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Time needed:

15 minutes.

Step 1 – Draw the earth’s outline.

How to Draw earth - Step 1 – Draw the earth’s outline.

Even though we just mentioned earth isn’t perfectly round, we are going to draw it as a circle. In the middle of the page, draw a large circle! It should take up nearly the whole page.

Step 2  – Draw the first continent.

How to Draw earth - Step 2  – Draw the first continent.

This is the first of many steps in which we will draw countries and continents.

On the top right of the circle, draw a squiggly line to form a small landmass. This is the very edge of Russia! Of course Russia is much larger than this, but because of the perspective, only a little bit of it can be seen.

Good job!

Step 3 – Draw North America.

How to Draw earth - Step 3 – Draw North America.

Let’s move west and draw the top part of North America! To the left of the landmass from Step 1, draw another rugged line that extends all the way across the earth. You’ll want to refer to the photo! The shape doesn’t have to be perfect—just get the main idea.

This shape is Canada and the East Coast of the USA! Can you guess what we are going to draw next?

Step 4  – Draw the rest of the USA!

How to Draw earth - Step 4  – Draw the rest of the USA!

Next up is the West Coast of the USA! Draw a jagged line to the left of the one you just drew. This is the coast of California in the USA! California is home to famous cities, a long beautiful coastline, and stunning National Parks.

Step 5 – Draw South America.

How to Draw earth - Step 5 – Draw South America.

Now we are going to move into the Southern Hemisphere to draw South America.

To draw South America, draw a roughly triangular shape below and slightly to the right of Step 4’s shape. The bottom should almost reach the bottom of the planet’s outline.

Step 6 – Add Australia!

How to Draw earth - Step 6 – Add Australia!

Let’s move even further southwest to draw the island nation of Australia, famous for its bush, desert, beautiful beaches, and of course kangaroos!

On the very bottom left, draw a short jagged line very close to earth’s outline. Check out the photo for help!

Step 7 – Add Asia.

How to Draw earth - Step 7 – Add Asia.

Let’s keep adding the continents of the world! Next, we need to add Asia. Draw a small shape about halfway up the earth on the left side. Asia is the largest continent in the world, but we are only drawing a tiny bit of it because of the angle we are drawing the planet at.

Step 8 – Add an Arctic island!

How to Draw earth - Step 8 – Add an Arctic island!

The Arctic is the very cold northern area of the earth. Not too many people live up there, but there’s still land, of course! Let’s add a small Arctic island to our planet earth.

Add a small oval island above Canada, on the top right of the planet. Refer to the photo! Awesome job. Just one more landmass to add!

Step 9 – Add New Zealand.

How to Draw earth - Step 9 – Add New Zealand.

Moving way south from the last step, let’s add our very last landmass. By the Australian continent you drew in step 6, draw a small circle. This represents New Zealand, the beautiful tropical nation.

We are all done with the continents—we just have one more super fun step!

Step 10 – Color in your drawing!

How to Draw earth - Step 10 – Color in your drawing!

Time to color in your drawing. In our opinion, coloring is the most fun step! Find some hues that you like and fill in your newest creation. Most often, earth is depicted with a blue ocean and green land, but do whatever you like!

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There you go! You’re all done. We hope you had tons of fun. Hopefully you also learned some drawing techniques and facts about our common home!

If you want to learn how to draw some of the amazing creatures that live on planet earth, check out one of the many animal tutorials on our website!

If you loved this project, share it with your friends or family! You can do this by showing your drawing or sharing this page with the social media icons.

Thanks for following along with us!


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