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Hello, and welcome to another ten-step tutorial by Emily Drawing! Like always, this tutorial will guide you through ten simple steps to form a cute drawing. Today’s tutorial is on how to draw a squirrel!

Squirrels are interesting little creatures. Before we get into the tutorial, let’s learn a few things about squirrels. First off, did you know there are more than 200 different types of squirrels around the world? They can be found in nearly any habitat, ranging from dense tropical rainforests to dry deserts. Chances are that you’ve seen one of these clever and acrobatic animals.

You may also know that they hide their nuts so that they can eat them later, but did you know that they actually might pretend to bury their food for later, just to throw off potential thieves? Squirrels are brilliant and can even remember where they put their food months later.

We’ll learn more about squirrels as we go through this ten-step coloring guide. Are you ready? Find some colored pencils or markers, and let’s get started on our tutorial on how to draw a squirrel!

How to Draw a Squirrel — Let’s get started!

Preview of Squirrel drawing


  • a piece of paper
  • a pencil for the guiding lines and sketching
  • an eraser
  • a black sharpie or a pen for the outlines
  • markers or colored pencils for coloring
  • our printable drawing guide (Join my Email List below to get this Tutorial)

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  • Crayola Coloring Set (140 Pieces – Mega Value!)
  • 24 Colored Crayon Set
  • A4 Printer Paper
  • Crayola Coloring Pencils
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Time needed:

15 minutes.

Step 1 – Draw the top of the squirrel’s head.

How to Draw a Squirrel - Step 1 – Draw the top of the squirrel’s head.

First off, let’s begin near the top left of the page. We’re going to draw the squirrel’s ears. Squirrels communicate with different noises, like squeaky chattering and warning calls. They have to have ears so that they can hear each other.

For the ears, draw two small, slightly rounded ears connected with a small curved line. Good job!

Step 2 – Complete the shape of the squirrel’s head.

How to Draw a Squirrel - Step 2 – Complete the shape of the squirrel’s head.

One of the most distinctive and adorable features of squirrels is their chubby cheeks, often filled with nuts. In fact, squirrels have stretchy cheek pouches to carry food. Each pouch can hold nearly as much as their stomach!

For the cheeks and chin, draw a wide curved line that is wider than the top of the head. Connect each side so that the head is a closed shape.

Step 3 – Draw the face.

How to Draw a Squirrel - Step 3 – Draw the face.

Part of what makes squirrels so cute is their little faces! Let’s fill it in on our drawing right now.

Near the middle of the head, draw two solid black ovals a few inches apart. These are the eyes. Add a nose in between. Add two small curved lines below the nose to show the mouth.

Did you know that squirrels have sharp teeth that never stop growing, so they have to gnaw on things to keep them sharp and the right length? Let’s add some big teeth to our little creature. Draw a rectangle underneath the curved lines of the mouth.

Lastly, add two little triangle details for the ears. Good job!

Step 4 – Draw the body.

How to Draw a Squirrel - Step 4 – Draw the body.

Let’s add the torso. Draw two longer curved lines, this time vertical, for either side of the torso. It should look like the squirrel has a little rounded belly. Make sure you leave several inches of space underneath for the rest of the drawing. Check out the photo!

Step 5 – Add the squirrel’s feet!

How to Draw a Squirrel - Step 5 – Add the squirrel’s feet!

You’ve surely seen a squirrel scurry across a yard, road, or up a tall tree. They are quick, acrobatic creatures that can scale different obstacles—even buildings! They can even leap up to ten times their body length, which is pretty impressive!

Let’s add the feet of our creature so that it can jump! At the bottom of each curved line that we drew in Step 4, add two small shapes for the feet. The top should be rounded, but the bottom should be flat. Draw lines for the toes. Lastly, connect the feet with a line in between.

Great job!

Step 6 – Draw the squirrel’s hands.

How to Draw a Squirrel - Step 6 – Draw the squirrel’s hands.

Next up, let’s draw the hands. In the middle of the belly, draw two curved lines. The right hand should look like a C, and the left should look like a backward C.

Step 7 – Draw an acorn!

How to Draw a Squirrel - Step 7 – Draw an acorn!

Squirrels are famous for their love of acorns, so of course, we have to include one in our drawing!

Let’s make it look like the squirrel is holding an acorn. Draw an oval in between the hands. It should appear as if the hands are overlapping the acorn because they are holding it. Add a short scalloped line to indicate the cap of the acorn. Lastly, draw a small slanted rectangle on top for the point of the cap. Refer to the photo!

Step 8 – Add the bushy tail!

How to Draw a Squirrel - Step 8 – Add the bushy tail!

Squirrels are especially recognizable for their bushy tails. Their fluffy tails allow them to maintain balance as they jump across trees. They are also used for communication with other squirrels and help keep them warm over winter months. Basically, their tails are very important for their survival!

So, let’s add one now. It will go on the right side of the body. Starting below the right ear, draw a large curved line going downwards into a point. Draw another curved line from the point down towards the right foot. It doesn’t need to be perfect—just make sure it looks like a big bushy tail!

Great job!

Step 9 – Add the squirrel’s markings!

How to Draw a Squirrel - Step 9 – Add the squirrel’s markings!

Let’s add some detail to the squirrel. First, add a curved line inside the tail that ends at the point. Next, add a circle that goes around the acorn. It should look like it is behind the arms. This shows its belly!

We are almost done. Just one more fun step!

Step 10 – Color in your cute creature!

How to Draw a Squirrel - Step 10 – Color in your cute creature!

Let’s have some fun and color in our drawings. Squirrels can be different colors, like brown, red, grey, and even white. You can make your squirrel look realistic or choose another color if you like. Don’t forget to fill in the background, too!

Awesome job!

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We are all done with our how-to-draw a squirrel tutorial. Did you enjoy it? If you want to draw more animals, feel free to browse our site. There are tons to choose from!

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