How to Draw a Dog


In this step-by-step tutorial, we’re going to learn how to draw man’s best friend: a dog!

Did you know there are nearly 400 dog breeds worldwide? There are many different types of breeds—poodle, labradors, terriers, hounds, shepherds—and they all have a loveable nature in common. A remarkable fact is that one type of dog, called a Greyhound, could beat a Cheetah in a long-distance race!

Dogs are loveable for their endless affection, cuddly nature, and excited wagging tail always ready to greet you. Maybe you want to make this dog look like a dog in your life!

Whether you’re more of a cat or dog person, we hope you enjoy this tutorial on how to draw a dog.

Ready? Keep reading below, get some art supplies, and let’s go!

How to Draw a Dog — Let’s get started!

Preview of dog drawing
Preview of dog drawing


  • a piece of paper
  • a pencil for the guiding lines and sketching
  • an eraser
  • a black sharpie or a pen for the outlines
  • markers or colored pencils for coloring
  • our printable drawing guide (Join my Email List below to get this Tutorial)

Here are my RECOMMENDED Art Supplies!

  • Crayola Coloring Set (140 Pieces – Mega Value!)
  • 24 Colored Crayon Set
  • A4 Printer Paper
  • Crayola Coloring Pencils
  • HP Home Printer with Instant Ink!

Time needed:

15 minutes.

Step 1 – Draw a curved line. 

How to Draw a Dog - Step 1 – Draw a curved line. 

Let’s get started! First, we’re going to start drawing the top of the dog’s head.

Near the top of the page, draw a short upside-down curved line. There should be a little bit of space above it.

Step 2 – Draw the bottom of the head.

How to Draw a Dog - Step 2 – Draw the bottom of the head.

In this step, we’ll create the bottom of the dog’s head by drawing a large curved line. It should be a wide U-shape.

Don’t connect it entirely to the top curve. We are going to add to that space in the next step!

Step 3 – Add ears!

How to Draw a Dog - Step 3 – Add ears!

Complete the outline of the head by adding the ears.

They should be slightly curved triangle shapes, like in the photo. Add a few little zig-zagged lines to show fur on the bottom of both ears.

At this point, you should have a complete outline of your dog’s head!

Step 4 – Draw eyes.

How to Draw a Dog - Step 4 – Draw eyes.

Eyes are said to be windows to the soul….that goes for our dog friends, too! So, let’s add eyes to the drawing—draw two small ovals about an inch apart on the dog’s head.

Outline them with a thick line. This will make the centers of the eyes stand out, and therefore indicate pupils.

Step 5 – Form the nose!

How to Draw a Dog - Step 5 – Form the nose!

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell. So, of course, we need to add a nose to our dog!

Add an upside-down triangle for the noise. Then, from the bottom of the triangle, add two small curved lines going outwards.

Step 6 – Add the front legs!

How to Draw a Dog - Step 6 – Add the front legs!

We’re going to move further down the page now. Since we are drawing a dog sitting down, we need to add four legs. Let’s start by drawing just the front legs.

To start, move directly down from the nose. Draw a vertical line. There should be a few inches of blank space in between the top of the line and the head (we’ll add more later)!

Next, on either side of this line, add curved lines to show the shape of the legs and paws. Refer to the photo.

Step 7 – Draw the dog’s mouth.

How to Draw a Dog - Step 7 – Draw the dog’s mouth.

Next, we’re going to add a mouth. It’s going to be in the shape of a bone.

Draw the shape of a bone by drawing horizontal lines on top of each other and connecting them with two semi-circles on the ends. This forms the dog’s mouth. It should be right below the nose.

Step 8 – Add the two back legs.

How to Draw a Dog - Step 8 – Add the two back legs.

Let’s add two back legs now!

Move a little bit out from the front legs. Draw a bigger curve and connect it to the head. It should be a similar shape as the front legs.

Look at the photo if you need a reference!

Step 9 – Draw the dog’s tail.

How to Draw a Dog - Step 9 – Draw the dog’s tail.

A wagging tail of a dog can show excitement and happiness. Let’s add a tail to our little dog.

On the right side of the dog’s body, about halfway up the leg, draw a curved line pointed upwards. Close the shape by curving it back around to the body. Now our dog has a tail!

Step 10 – Color!

How to Draw a Dog - Step 10 – Color!

Of course, we have to color in this creation! Let’s give this dog some more personality by coloring it in. 

Maybe you want to make this drawing resemble a favorite dog in your life. You can add small or large spots, a solid color, or anything you want.

Pin it now, Draw later!

Preview of step by step dog tutorial
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Give your dog a name if you want, too!

There you go! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and we hope you love your new furry friend!

Comment below what you thought of this tutorial! And, of course, share your creation with the social icons on this page, or show it to friends and family. Check out the rest of the site for similar easy-to-follow art tutorials!

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