How to Draw a Bear


Welcome to this tutorial on how to draw a bear! In just ten steps, you will have a beautiful drawing of a cuddly bear.

Bears are fascinating animals. There are many different kinds of them, including brown, panda, polar, black, and sun bears. They are generally very intelligent animals and have a very complex brain compared to many other animals. Although sometimes thought of as scary, they are really amazing creatures that everyone should learn about.

Our tutorial today is going to look like a teddy bear, the very lovable stuffed animal that is adored by kids across the world. Teddy bears became really popular children’s toys during the 1900s in America and remain in style today.

Are you ready? Let’s get started on this short tutorial on how to draw a fuzzy bear!

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Preview of Bear drawing


  • a piece of paper
  • a pencil for the guiding lines and sketching
  • an eraser
  • a black sharpie or a pen for the outlines
  • markers or colored pencils for coloring
  • our printable drawing guide (Join my Email List below to get this Tutorial)

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Time needed:

15 minutes.

Step 1 – Draw the bear’s head!

How to Draw a Bear - Step 1 – Draw the bear’s head!

Let’s start by drawing the bear’s head. Draw a large circle about two-thirds of the way up the page. It should be quite large.

Did you know bears have great hearing (twice as good as human hearing)! At the top of the circle, draw two little bumps for ears. Add another semicircle within each ear.

Step 2  – Add the eyes.

How to Draw a Bear - Step 2  – Add the eyes.

Next, let’s add two dots for eyes. Bears have pretty similar eyesight as humans. Near the middle of the bear’s head, add two filled-in dots a few inches apart for the eyes. Good job!

Step 3 – Draw the bear’s snout!

How to Draw a Bear - Step 3 – Draw the bear’s snout!

Bears, like dogs, have a nose that projects off the face, which is called a snout.

To form this, simply draw a circle centered underneath the eyes. We’ll add more detail in the next step.

Step 4  – Draw the nose and the mouth!

How to Draw a Bear - Step 4  – Draw the nose and the mouth!

On the snout, draw a small upside down triangle. This is the nose! Next, add two little curves to form the mouth. Our bear looks like he is smiling because he is friendly!

Step 5 – Create the bear’s arms.

How to Draw a Bear -

Underneath the head, we need to add the bear’s arms!

On the left and right side underneath the head, draw a hooked line to form the arms. Refer to the photo for this step. They should be tilted inwards, because later we will actually draw our bear holding something!

Step 6 – Draw the bears feet!

How to Draw a Bear - Step 6 – Draw the bears feet!

Next, of course our bear has to have feet. Did you know bears actually stand up quite often on their hind legs? Sometimes, when standing up, bears can be almost 9 feet tall!

In this drawing, our bear is sitting with his legs extending out, so we will use a drawing technique called foreshortening. This means that we won’t be able to see the whole leg but we will get the perspective that it is sitting facing us.

To do this, just draw two large circles below the arms!

Good job!

Step 7 – Finish the outline of the body.

How to Draw a Bear - Step 7 – Finish the outline of the body.

Let’s draw the belly of the bear! Draw a curved line connecting the feet. Next, draw two small lines connecting the top of the feet to the arms. The bear should look like it has a big full belly.

Step 8 – Draw the bear’s paws.

How to Draw a Bear - Step 8 – Draw the bear’s paws.

This is a fun step. Like dogs and cats, bears have cute little paws on the bottom of their feet. Paws help give the bear traction when walking.

So, within each circle that symbolizes the feet, let’s draw the paws. Draw a big circle within each foot. Then, draw four more circles above that. Check out the photo!

Step 9 – Add a heart!

How to Draw a Bear - Step 9 – Add a heart!

We want our bear to look super friendly, like a teddy bear. Between the hands, right in the middle of its belly, draw a heart! It should look like it is holding it.

We’re almost done! Just one more awesome step.

Step 10 – Color in your drawing!

How to Draw a Bear - Step 10 – Color in your drawing!

Last but not least, color in your drawing! Bears can be different colors, so find some colors and just go for it. Fill in the background, too!

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Awesome job! You’re all done—thanks for following along. We hoped you absolutely loved our how to draw a bear tutorial and learned some fun facts about bears along the way!

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